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It's finally finished...!

About 18 months ago and idea spring to mind. "Why don't we convert a horsebox into a mobile bar?"

We sit here now with a fully renovated horsebox looking back at that question wondering, "Was it all worth it?"

This is what we started with:

The long days spent ripping up old floorboards, tearing down timber walls and peeling away metal roofing only to reveal a decaying, crumbly old frame would initially suggest no, absolutely not.

The more we looked at the frame, the more we wondered if we should just leave it and perhaps re-think what our mobile bar would look like. Some areas of the frame had decayed so much that there was little or no support left.

But, we love a challenge and this was indeed a monumental challenge but it's amazing how a few beers can change your outlook on things. One minute we were pondering whether to sell what was left for scrap, the next we were working out how much timber we would need to re-clad the walls and where we could get metal supports from.

So, we had a vision and an initial plan of attack.

For almost a year we spent what felt like every waking hour cutting, building, painting and sanding, using every tool we could lay our hands on to turn this shell into a comfortable place to serve beer from.

We had good days, we had bad days and we had extremely bad days. The changeable British weather would try our patience on more than one occasion. We threw our plans out of the window on more than one occasion when things didn't quite work but quickly re-built new ones.

It felt like we were getting nowhere fast and we had committed to having it ready in time for a Christmas event.

This was a hard deadline we had to hit and at times we felt it was going to be a monumental struggle but there's nothing like a deadline to focus the mind but we did push it to the absolute limit. We finished the night before the event!

So, back to the question of "Was it all worth it?"

I guess we'll let you be the judge of that:

What was a dilapidated old rust box has been completely transformed into a fully functional mobile bar so from our point of view it has been absolutely worth it.

Would we do it all again??? That's a totally different question and one which we may come back and revisit at some point, but for now we want to sit back for a little while and enjoy what we've built and if you like what you see we're available for hire!!!